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Common has returned with his smooth new track, “Imagine,” featuring vocalist PJ.

Common strings together a perfect world of his own design on “Imagine,” rapping about how he wants things to be and encouraging others to imagine it as well. The Emmanuel Afolabi-directed visuals also help push Common’s message further, with shots of him and PJ being juxtaposed with a vast beach, warmly decorated home, and amongst people in the community. 

When discussing the inspirations behind “Imagine,” Common explained that he wrote the song when the world was in a darker place but wanted to share it once things began to get better. 

“I wrote ‘Imagine’ at a time when we were all going through a lot,” he explained. “But something kept telling me to focus on the good and the things I wanted to see in the world. For me, music is one of the things that gives me hope and happiness throughout these times, whether I am creating it or listening to it.

He continues, “So I wanted ‘Imagine’ to create that feeling of how you can play a song and feel inspired. How a song can make you move and also move your spirit. Essentially, I want us all to feel like days are getting better and that great times are ours for the taking. And the first step in feeling that way is imagining it.”

Watch the music video for Common’s new song “Imagine” featuring PJ up top.