JT and Yung Miami knew all eyes were on them when Drake reached for an appearance on his 2018 Scorpion mega-hit “In My Feelings.”

The City Girls said that moment is when they realized they had turned the corner in their careers. “It was a big secret we had to hold in for like a month. … We didn’t ever know if the song was to make the album or not,” JT told the Carlos Watson Show. “We just knew that he wanted us to be on the song. We both did verses. And they called us back and let us know it was gonna be on the album, but it wasn’t a whole verse.”

She said that while “Drake chopped our ass off,” she and Miami are still “thankful” to him. JT also laughed imagining that Drizzy “probably was like, ‘Uh-uh, y’all hoes is not ready for full verses yet, but I’mma give y’all a shot.’”