It’s been three long years since Children Of Zeus gave us their debut album, Travel Light, but now Tyler Daley and Konny Kon are back with news of a new album, Balance, as well as the LP’s first single, “No Love Song”.

The new single sees them team up once again with Beat Butcha, one of the key creative forces behind Travel Light, to create an ultra-slick, high-end R&B slow jam. With live shows a no-go, it seems the pair have used the time to focus on developing their songwriting and their sound into something more mature but still connected to soundsystem culture.

Shortly after the track dropped, the Manny duo also shared a 45-second preview of the visuals. Directed by Tarnish Vision, it looks like it’ll play up the track’s G-funk sheen with shots of Tyler and Konny cruising through the nighttime city streets in an expensive whip with the imposing skyscrapers looming large from all sides.

While we want for their new album, Balance, to drop on June 6, press play on “No Love Song” below and look out for the full video that is expected to drop imminently.