Cardi B isn’t having it when it comes to disparaging comments about her legal issues or family.

Tuesday, the “Up” artist utilized the tongue-out emoji when stating that some people “wanna see a bad bitch do bad.” From there, she responded to comments referencing her “going to prison,” again deploying the tongue-out emoji.

“Before I go to prison you gone see me breakin more records and making more Ms,” she told one Twitter user. And to another who questioned Offset’s parenting in connection with this hypothetical scenario, Cardi noted the entire basis of the attempted own was senseless.

“My man is allow to be with his kids so what’s your point?” she asked.

A fan then jumped in to defend Cardi, suggesting that detractors leave children out of comments of this variety. “Exactly!” Cardi said. “I be chillin I don’t know why people think is sweet to play wit my kids.” 

Later, she retweeted a screenshot of a previously shared quote that reads, “No one ever notices when you’re being provoked, just when you retaliate.”