Cam’ron said that he, Memphis Bleek, Dame and Jay-Z used to hang out in the ‘90s before The Roc was a thing, when he and Bleek were the young protégés of the latter two (Cam even said that he’s been to 560 State Street). But that love had dissipated by the time Cam got to the Roc.

He recalled an awkward tension between Dipset and the rest of the label, which Jay himself once noted. According to Cam, Jay came to him in the studio, told him “everything’s all good,” and he subsequently ended up getting Jay on “Welcome To New York City” (though Jay basically shrugged off doing a video). But things soon went sour after Dame named Cam the Roc-A-Fella President without Jay-Z’s knowledge. Cam said on the podcast that miscommunications like that were a major factor in the Roc dynasty crumbling. 

That friction could be told in a story of two deleted verses. Peedi Crakk called into the show to tell a story about Jay-Z demanding Cam’ron’s verse be deleted from “One For Peedi Crakk,” and Beanie Sigel hearing the version of the song with Cam on it, breaking the CD and throwing it in the trash (Beanie was unhappy with comments Cam had made about him on Rap City). 

After Peedi told him this, Cam deleted Jay-Z’s verse from the “Oh Boy” remix that never was. 

But things are all good now, and he commended Jay-Z for always signing off on Cam’s business even during the tension.