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North West meets South East on this cross-London collaboration as C Biz and Giggs pool their resources for “Long Time Coming”. 

The new team-up is steeped in history, packed with loads of subtle little references to UK rap history, and Giggs’ own history in particular. In fact, as a few keen-eared listeners have already pointed out, both the beat and C-Biz’s flow on the second verse would both have fitted in perfectly on Walk In Da Park.

For the visuals, it’s just as nostalgic, nodding to 2009/10 era rap videos, albeit with a bit of an upgrade in production value. Peppering footage of C Biz and Giggs out on the block with their respective teams, it’s a blacked-out, lowkey affair which has been broken up with some crisp black-and-white photography for added dramatic flair.

For now, this one’s just on YouTube, but you can surely expect this one to hit streaming services ASAP. In the meantime, hit play on the video at the top.