A video of a supposed Lil Nas X fan confronting Boosie Badazz for his homophobic rants towards the Montero rapper has been making the rounds online.

The clip shows Boosie being approached by a Lil Nas X fan over his derogatory comments about Lil Nas X’s sexuality. “I know you! You the rapper Lil Boosie that’s talking about my friends and my niece, my niece Lil Nas X? That’s my niece,” the man tells Boosie. “Bitch, I’ll beat you up, talk shit now.”

Boosie fires back, “Whoever the fuck you is, you better get the fuck out my face.” The man keeps scolding Boosie, even clowning him for his “$8 hairline.” Boosie responds with another homophobic slur, “Fuck you, bitch!” He continues, “Ol’ f*ggot ass bitch!”

However, it seems pretty clear that this interaction is staged—that Boosie might have been filming something and it wasn’t a random person who confronted the rapper. A boom mic and camera crew can be seen in the footage, though it’s unknown what Boosie could be using the shot for.

Boosie most recently came for both Lil Nas X and Charlamagne tha God on Twitter, after Charlamagne said that he’s done with queerphobia in hip-hop on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club. “None of them have the right to say Lil Nas X is a detriment to kids,” he said. “If you’ve ever rapped about violence towards people, celebration of drugs using or selling, you don’t…nah, you can’t stand on that moral high ground. Not just for Boosie, that goes for everybody.”

Boosie took issue with Charlamagne’s remarks, writing (oddly in response to a tweet about the 19-year anniversary of Paid in Full), “They still got my name n they mouth bout that gay shit lol,” Boosie tweeted in all caps. “@cthagod u part of the problem keep egging these people on your show with this bro. U using your platform to support Nasxn his antics (I see what side u on [rainbow emoji]) he said fuck y’all kids smh dummies [smiling face emoji].”