Speaking about music, 2016 was a beautiful, bountiful year. It's not often that you have almost every titan in pop music let loose full-length projects, and watch so many new promising rookies emerge. So, logic would suggest that 2017 would have to be quiet. But, if anything, things have ramped up. 

There are a few possible reasons for this. Some of this year's excellence is the result of the streaming economy, which is still coming into its own and undeniably quickening the metabolism of the music industry. (See: Calvin Harris, who has tried to take advantage of this.) Some are personal, like Drake's return to form in the wake of the record-breaking but artistically disappointing leviathan that was Views. Or Future's calculated run of dominance following his thrilling double release. Some are just timing, like the return of Kendrick Lamar, who was right on schedule for a new album—an album that just happens to be the best of the year.

Now, at the midpoint of the year, we're looking at the biggest music stories of 2017. Here's what's been happening.