Although Beyoncé rarely speaks to the media anymore, she hasn’t entirely left the BeyHive in the dark, wondering what she’s up to. Instead, the tour-de-force shares her commentary directly through her music, like her verse on the “Flawless (Remix),” which addresses the elevator incident, or the entirety of Lemonade. For visual learners, she shares glimpses of her life on Instagram.

There’s something magically simplistic about the way Queen Bey uses Instagram to her advantage. Unlike Twitter, where Bey has posted exactly ten times since 2009, she updates Instagram on a weekly basis, at least. Between the captionless photos, musical slideshows, and themed posts, Bey’s feed is a sight to behold. There’s a good reason comedian Jade Novah hilariously imagined what Beyoncé’s “Instagram Strategy Meetings” are like.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but Beyoncé’s captionless photos say everything for her. Whether she’s sharing a loving photo with her “delicious Blue Blue,” announcing major news straight to the fans who care the most, or showing off her latest ensemble to a catchy song, Beyoncé’s feed is one of the best on the ‘gram. As Novah says while channeling Bey, “it’s all about the details.” Disagree at your own risk: she’s got 113 million followers ready to drop bee emojis in the mentions of anyone who says different. Here are Beyoncé’s best Instagram posts.