Echoes of Silence serves as the last marker of the Weeknd’s enigmatic persona, preceding his thrust into the spotlight with the release of his debut studio album, Kiss Land. The tape starts off strong with the track “D.D.,” an homage to Michael Jackson. Abel’s eerie impersonation of MJ is cause for praise and an obvious indicator of his pure, raw talent. Echoes of Silence is an essential addition to the Weeknd’s catalog and demonstrative of his versatility within his own genre while exploring others foreign to him. With tracks like “Montreal” and “XO,” the Weeknd paved the way for the future of his pop-inspired songs and, in turn, a destiny for success. This last installation of his trilogy of tapes holds onto the sad boy confidence that day one fans grew to love. The track “Echoes of Silence”—arguably one of the tape’s strongest tracks—tells the age-old tale in the Weeknd’s discography of losing out in love, a trope that would guide his body of work into the contemporary scene. —Alessandra Maldonado