Verse: 1

We all love an artist whose music is an experience, and who can’t easily fit on any old playlist or be played without someone taking notice of what the hell they’re saying. One of 2021’s most intriguing examples of that is San Pedro, California rapper Remble. When I Googled the Stinc Team MC for quick research, it said his age is “between 21 to 28,” which is as hilarious as his viral “Gordon R Freestyle.” Remble spits bars with a calm, exaggerated delivery that gives you the sense he knows that the seemingly simple act of enunciating is a novelty in 2021 rap. But it’s not just presentation. He delivers bar after bar in his distinct cadence, before turning up a bit at the end and showing you he’s no one-trick MC. The extended verse is at first funny and confounding, but then hilarious once you catch the groove of what he’s doing. This is one of the wittiest, most unique verses of the year for sure. —Andre Gee