Year: 2018
Director: Rashida Jones, Alan Hicks

The story of Quincy Jones is inimitable—so inimitable that you could argue no one should ever make a movie about him because they wouldn’t get it correct. But, if your daughter happens to be Rashida Jones—aka Ann Perkins from Pawnee and a celebrated documentarian in her own right—you’d give it a go. Released in September by Netflix and directed by Jones and Alan Hicks, Quincy traces the story of one of the century’s most culturally impactful musicians through crippling poverty during the Great Depression, his early years playing with Frank Sinatra, and eventually producing mega-hits like Thriller for Michael Jackson. At just over two hours, Quincy could have used some time on the editing table, but when you have a career so expansive and spectacular, it can be difficult to cut things out. The documentary is definitely a far cry from his outrageous GQ interview in early 2018, but Quincy paints a more holistic picture of Jones as a father, artist, innovator and musical pioneer. —Kate Ebeling

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