After one critically acclaimed mixtape of his own and a long list of co-writing credits on Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak, music artist Kid Cudi released Man On The Moon: The End of Day five years ago today. Five albums and five Complex covers later, we're taking the anniversary of Cudi's debut LP as an opportunity to discuss our favorites from the rapper and singer's vast and illustrious body of work.

From the smash singles to the under-the-radar one-offs, Cudder's music covered a lot of territory over the past half decade. Some of his songs make you want to cry. Some of his songs make you want to rage. It's difficult to compare the poppy delight of a record like "Day N Nite" to the experimental melancholy of his band WZRD, but someone has to do it. Every step of Cudi's awesome journey to Mother Moon holds its own significance. Whether it's the time when he tried to sing to start a revolution on "REVOFEV" or when he tried to start a threesome on the track "She Came Along," we have immense love and appreciation for all sides of Mr. Rager. This is the definitive list of The 25 Best Kid Cudi Songs.

Written by Ernest Baker (@ernestbaker)