It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re a Yuletide purist, your holiday season may look something like a Hallmark movie—exchanging gifts, kissing under the mistletoe, and spreading some of that magical Christmas cheer. For others, getting in the holiday spirit may be as easy as sticking reindeer antlers on your car and arguing with your friends over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas film.

But with the window of opportunity for binge-watching Christmas movies and showing off your flawless home decor lasting only a few short weeks in December, priority number one for proper holiday celebration has been and always will be queuing up the best Christmas songs, to soundtrack your every movement during these chilly days.

The debate over how soon one can start listening to Christmas music has been around about as long as the chicken and the egg. We’re here to settle that debate once and for all by telling you that it doesn’t matter when you start listening or how long you listen after everyone’s packed up their string lights; what truly matters is what music you choose Though it was once strictly “Jingle Bells” and choral arrangements, Christmas music has grown into a phenomenal collection of pop covers, new classics, and remastered hits that we all love.

If you’re too busy getting your holiday shopping done to listen to a Christmas album all the way through, consider dabbling in a smorgasbord of the best Christmas songs of all time from our list below. And have another glass of eggnog while you’re at it—‘tis the season!

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