Label: Pick Six Records/Interscope Records
Released: April 28

Morray’s Street Sermons is a collection of life lessons taken from the North Carolina artist’s own experiences and packaged into easily digestible scripture. And what makes the project even more captivating is the amount of soul Morray squeezes into each track. His voice has the strength of an old Southern choir, but he never sounds overly preachy. Instead, his harmonies are comforting. On songs like “Trenches” and his breakout single “Quicksand,” he paints vivid pictures of growing up in the streets, encountering near-shootings, and facing daily struggles. But the album is never bogged down by too much sorrow or grief, as he maintains a vibrant spirit that makes you want to dance more than cry. Morray told Complex that his “biggest goal is to go down in music history as one of the most genuine, solid niggas out there,” and his career is only just getting started, but that authenticity is already shining through brightly on his debut project. —Jessica McKinney