Label: Griselda Records
Released: May 21

It’s been almost five years since Mach-Hommy dropped HBO with Griselda. Since then, he and the Buffalo camp have gone their separate ways, only for Mach to reunite with Westside Gunn (as they’d planned to do) on Pray for Haiti, a 16-track project executive produced by the mouthpiece of Western New York. Some are calling this Mach’s most accessible body of work to date, a fact that owes in part to the stamp of an ascendant Griselda. The enigmatic New Jersey-born rapper skates over production from Camoflauge Monk (including the hardest track on the album, “Murder Czn”), Cee Gee (“Marie”), and Montreal’s Nicholas Craven (“Kriminel”). Mach’s storytelling remains vivid, punctuated by punchlines (“Lotta these rappers big 12 like March Madness”) and strings of Haitian Creole. Gunn chimes in with ad-libs and a few verses (“Folie Á Deux,” “Murder Czn,” “Rami”), adding menace and levity to the album. At the end of Pray for Haiti’s 39-minute runtime, we’re left with only one question: What, exactly, did Jigga tell Mach? We probably won’t find out on the next project, but God knows some of us will speculate. —Lucas Wisenthal