Label: Columbia Records
Released: February 3

Fin was released in February of this year and still feels new, a remarkable feat in the age of the accelerating release of seemingly infinite amounts of music. Most albums are here today, gone by the end of the week. Some may argue that this album in particular is all over the place, but I would say that's its unique strength. Syd, stepping out on her own from her outfit the Internet, shows her versatility. “All About Me” and “Smile More” going back-to-back is this project’s thesis statement—Syd can be hard, Syd can be soft, Syd is grabbing the torch passed on by Mary J. Blige’s hip-hop soul and running with it, with a hefty dose of Timbaland-era R&B muscle to bring the point home. She’s cocky, yet vulnerable just like all of your favorite R&B artists should be. —Angel Diaz