Label: N/A
Released: January 27

Sometimes the best albums of the year are the ones you weren't checking for, from a group you didn't know existed.

Sonder is the collaborative effort of producers Atu And Dpat, along with singer Brent Faiyaz. With only seven songs, the trio sets the mood quickly with their opener "Feel"—an intoxicating and lust-filled ballad that lures you into the world of Sonder. A misty world of candid snapshots of momentary seduction, moxie, and missed connections.

Songs like "Lovely" and "Care" are spellbinding tales of desire and love, respectively. "Sirens" finds Brent recalling his obstacle-filled path to his current status, as well as his declaration "You can’t hush me, you can’t shut me out / You can’t touch me, you can’t touch me now."

"Too Fast," a fan favorite that was issued prior to the EP's release, continues the conversation, as Brent comes to terms with life's fragility, justifying his urgent approach to life and not waiting for anyone to realize his value.

Throughout the project, the connection between Brent and Sonder's production team is symbiotic. Brent's voice melts in the ear of listeners over a soundscape the channels the best of 90's era R&B, and infuses it with the contemporary sounds. 

"Into" grips your emotions with two hands. As each track seeps into the next it continuously and relentlessly squeezes the feelings out of your heart. What's left is an immediate desire to press play and feel it all over again.—Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins