Label: Dreamville Records
Released: March 10

Mother. Fucking. Rap. Those are the words that come to mind when listening to J.I.D's impressive debut studio album, The Never Story.

The Atlanta native is blessed with a unique voice that cuts through whatever beat he spits on. Now, a gift is enough to gain attention, but it's his lyrical intent, cleverness, and charm that keeps it. His songs like "General," "NEVER," and "Underwear" feel like a dangerous man on the run after a heist, letting his pistol off out the driver side window with one hand, gripping the woodgrain steering wheel with the other.

The majority of the album feels like high-flying lyrical Taekwondo. But there are also offerings that feel more like thoughtful choreography. On "All Bad" J.I.D. saunters over the molasses-esque beat, where "Hereditary" shows off his thematic writing and versatile delivery, employing harmony instead of fast hitting raps.

The 12-track album closes with "LAUDER" an urgent declaration of a man who plans to stomp through the rap game with a pair of unlaced Timbs. You know, the double-sole joints with the leather cuff. —Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins