Label: Atlantic Records
Released: May 26

There are two Guccis. Radric went Mr. Robot on us when he came out of prison. There's Mr. Davis, the light but excessive model husband and reformed citizen who graces the VMAs with Fifth Harmony and collabs with Jake Paul. And there's La Flare, the Gucci who postures and flexes like he's still on a Zone 6 corner, an assortment of drugs, and most crucially, his bullshit. Since his release, his strategy has been to change faces every project: an album that courts big names and big plays, then a tape (but, you know, still for sale) that contracts back to his core elements. DroptopWop is the latter. Metro Boomin goes full John Carpenter on the tape, giving La Flare a nightmare funhouse of gothic beats to play with. The results are thrillingly disrespectful. With Young Metro's slasher film score to play with, Gucci creates his most darkly compelling collection songs in years—and easily his tightest project. —Frazier Tharpe