Producer: Brian Alexander Morgan, Allen “Allstar” Gordon, Christopher Cuben-Tatum, Teddy Riley, Pharrell Williams
Album: It's About Time
Label: RCA

You almost have to feel bad for the original version of SWV's “Right Here.” It's the debut single from Sisters With Voices, and while it's not bad, listening to it feels kind of cheesey. Might be the new jack swing vibes or that weak rap in the middle—it just didn' work. And while SWV could've just been that, Teddy Riley had the genius idea to flip Michael Jackson's Thriller-era smash “Human Nature” and throw everything that worked about “Right Here” over it. Pure genius. You've got young Pharrell with the “SWV” chant, Coco going ham with the vocal, and an altogether cool surrounding the track that blew the original away. End result? One of the longest-running singles for the year 1993. It murdered charts in Europe, and ended up being one of SWV's most well-known songs. All because someone said “you know what'd be dope? We should put that 'Human Nature' up under this.” Hell, it made it to the Free Willy soundtrack. Free Willy, yo. Loved that goddamn whale.—khal