Producer: Devante Swing
Album: Diary of Mad Band
Label: Uptown/MCA

20 years ago, you could be considered among the coolest men in R&B and be open about your longing and vulnerability for your woman. These days, most contemporary R&B singers treat the women in their lives as if they gave them an STD on the way to stealing their identity and smashing their best friend in front of their mamas. Even on social media, so many worry about expressing too much interest in another for fear of coming across too “thirsty.” But on “Feenin’,” Jodeci confidentially and earnestly sang lines like, “Lady, I’m hooked on you. There’s nothing I’d rather do. Spend my last dime for a drop of your time.” If this came out today, it’d probably spark numerous Twitter debates and endless word memes about “the thirst” on Instagram. And everyone one partaking in such nonsense would be dead wrong. You can be cool and open about your feelings. It doesn’t make you a simp; it makes you human. Jodeci understood that and thankfully, the times still allowed it without ridicule. —Michael Arceneaux