Producer: Keven Conner, Solomon Conner, Darryl Jackson, Stick
Album: Fever for da Flavor
Label: Luke

A baseball bat connects with a black hiking boot hung in the air like a target, and water pours out of the boot as it swings wildly, dripping. Is this a description of sex? Sure. The video for H-Town’s debut single, “Knockin Da Boots” is an ode to intercourse as an ode to euphemisms. In 1993, the Houston-based group found success on the R&B charts with a song inspired by people who are so quick to get to fucking they neglect to remove their footwear. As Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell puts it in the video, “Knocking the boots actually means two boots coming together making tasteful lust.” Actually. Tasteful. But actually tasteful? No, of course not.

After catching the demo tape, Luke signed the trio of Keven “Dino” Conner and his twin brother Solomon “Shazam” Connor and their friend Darryl “G.I.” Jackson, and the distinct lack of taste that is Luke’s trademark is what makes this song so great. “All you ladies go get your towels,” the spoken interlude instructs. You saw that boot, right? It was wet. —Ross Scarano

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