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North London rap veteran Benny Banks is back with his new single, “Reality Cheque”, and it’s a sombre offering to say the least. The new drop follows “Eye For An Eye” and “Tooth For A Tooth”, released either side of the new year—along with the promise of a new album.

Alongside allies Joe Black and Squeeks, Benny was a titan of UK rap whose come-up in the late 2000s and early 2010s helped shape the rap and drill scenes of today. Besides being called Tooth For A Tooth, details of the new album remain scarce, but a new project from Benny couldn’t be better timed, particularly as a lot of under-appreciated UK rap legends are finally getting their dues.

Produced by Mkulu and CDS, the instrumental for “Reality Cheque” is a mellow one, giving Benny an unhurried setting for him to share his thoughts. He’s never been one to shy away from the realities of life, but the harsh truths feel more visceral and there’s a pained weariness to his voice that makes lines like “I know I’m too proud to ask for help/Middle fingers to the world” hit that little bit harder.

Hit play on the animated visuals above and be sure to add “Reality Cheque” to your playlists.