Marking what would have been the 40th birthday of his late father, Mark Duggan, OFB rapper Bandokay has put together some touching visuals for his latest track “Memories”. 

Tragically, the video was released barely two weeks after the police shot and killed Chris Kaba, another unarmed Black man from London’s inner-city, and it appears we’re still having the same conversations and marching against the same injustices meted out by the same institutions.

“Memories” is Bandokay at his most vulnerable, fearlessly taking on JamskullBeatz’s sombre instrumental to share what he remembers of his father and the moments in his childhood he’s able to cherish. He contrasts that to devastating effect against the trauma he and his family had to endure as Mark Duggan’s name was dragged through the tabloids and the emotional wounds that remain very much open.

Teeeezy C has been entrusted with the visuals and he’s hit the tone perfectly, invoking religious imagery such as shots of Bando in the confessional booth and pacing through a grand church setting, lit only by the small slivers of light that make it through the stained glass windows.

In the opening seconds of the video, a written statement from the rapper appears. He writes: “Mark Duggan was shot & killed by police in North London on 4th August 2011. This song is dedicated in loving memory of my father. His birthday is the 15th of September, the same day this video was released. This means so much more to me than I can explain, it’s deeper than music. Happy birthday Dad, I hope this makes you proud.”

Hit play on the video above or listen via Spotify below.