King Von’s most public relationship was with fellow rapper, Asian Doll, and she’s allowing Von’s legacy to live through her. Because of this, fans were wondering how Asian Doll felt knowing that Von is expecting a child with another woman. 

On Sunday, King Von’s sister, Kayla B, took to Twitter where she posted videos and pictures from a baby shower. These posts revealed that Von is expecting a child with a woman named Skylar. 

Since she continually aligned herself as Von’s counterpart, some fans started to believe that Von cheated on Asian Doll to conceive his child with Skylar. 

Yet at the time of Von’s death, neither Von nor Asian Doll was claiming that they were a couple. Kayla B even took it upon herself to let it be known that Von wasn’t even considering rekindling things with anyone at the time of his death.

“Von wasn’t in a relationship wit nobody before he died!” she said in a deleted tweet from January. “Wasn’t getting back wit nobody he was living his best life fuckin’ wit who Eva he wanted 2.”

Despite this, Asian Doll was forced to take to social media where she explained that she and Von weren’t together for months leading up to his death and she only started to speak to him prior to his passing after they got booked on the same bill. So, it would be impossible for him to cheat on her. 

“So nothing going on is affecting me in no way literally I still love him he not here & we was once deeply inlove so I’ll aways be here 4L,” she wrote. “Nobody had a baby on me baby’s came after me & before me I had a choice twice I ain’t want that life I’m good how I’m doing now but fasho I’ll never have no hate towards dayvon Bennett he’s forever living through me & forever in my heart til I die.”