The year is looking bright for Montreal electronic producer Nicolas Dupuis, known worldwide as Anomalie. His latest single “Come Running To Me,” out today, is a twist on Herbie Hancock’s 1978 hit by the same name.

Citing Hancock as one of his major inspirations, Dupuis’s recreation of the song is exactly what your winter needs: an upbeat funkadelic escape. Head-spinning synths and hip-hop-infused beats give the ’70s original’s groove a modern twist. Anomalie’s signature sound revitalises Hancock’s tune, every beat taking you to just the right place.

A multi-faceted artist, Dupuis’s style combines cutting-edge electronic production, jazz and classical harmonies, and virtuoso keyboard skills. He ties it all together with a raw funk groove, ensuring every note hits the spot. The Montreal-raised musician has received endorsements from artists like Charlie Puth, Snarky Puppy, D Smoke, and more. He recently released his collaborative EP Bend the Rules with Chromeo, following the albums Métropole and Métropole Part II.

Dupuis will tour his first full-length album via the Galerie World Tour this May. “It feels pretty surreal as I haven’t toured since early 2020!” he tells us. “Touring this first full length album is especially exciting since it represents the beginning of a whole new chapter, and I can’t wait to play with the live band again.”

“Come Running to Me” came to fruition after Dupluis shared a short talkbox arrangement in honour of Herbie Hancock’s birthday. Upon receiving requests to do a full version, he began his process. “Arranging has pretty much always been my favourite part of the creative process, especially when it comes to re-interpreting an existing melody/song,” he says. “Reharmonization, a ton of synth and keyboard layers and also in this case, talkbox layers. It’s a lot of fun.”

Though Hancock, Chick Corea, and Quincy Jones have been some of his biggest musical inspirations, his artistry comes from a variety of influences. “I’ve been inspired by many artists from different scenes and genres, old and new alike. I am constantly inspired by my peers! Outside of Hancock, Corea, and Jones, a few more that have had a profound impact on my approach to creating [are] J Dilla, D’Angelo, Roy Hargrove, George Gershwin, and Brian Wilson.”

The coming months have a lot in store for Dupuis, and the milestones have all come with time and dedication. “Overall I’m extremely grateful for how this has all been growing, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and as new stuff happens, new team members join us, several life events happen—I learn and try to navigate the whole thing as best as I can. There are definitely highs and lows, but overall I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love.”

Check out the video for “Come Running To Me” above.