Waka Flocka Flame Is Really Unhappy With Atlantic Records

He says he wants to buyout his contract.

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In recent months, Waka Flocka has become an Internet hero with his unique campaigns, which include him hiring his own blunt roller and announcing that he plans to run for president. Even with all of that newfound popularity, there is still turmoil in Waka's world and he just tweeted that his label, Atlantic Records, is delaying the release of his long-awaited album, Flockaveli 2.

Additionally, Waka says he wants to buyout his own contract so he can leave the label, and he even created the #LetWakaGo hashtag to bring in support from fans. Back in February, Waka announced that the album would be released on June 1, but with this news today, that seems highly unlikely.


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