Remy Ma Takes Direct Aim at Nicki Minaj on New Diss Song "shETHER"

Remy Ma goes directly at Nicki Minaj on new track "shETHER."

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The gloves are off. Remy Ma just released a Nicki Minaj diss song titled "shETHER." While Nicki and Remy's issues have been lingering for a while, this track comes in response to Nicki's recent verse on Gucci Mane's new song "Make Love," where she sent some shots in Remy's direction. No word on whether Nicki will respond to this diss, but it will be hard for her to ignore it. 

In various interviews, Remy has made a point of voicing her opinion that the industry pits women against each other. That opinion previously prevented any direct beef between the two, but there was still plenty of speculation and what many perceived to be subliminal shots. Very little was subliminal about “shETHER,” as Remy patterned the song after Nas’ 2001 Jay Z diss “Ether” and dropped her bars over the same Ron Browz instrumental.

Remy fired shots at the rumor of Nicki Minaj having a surgically-enhanced posterior with the following line:

“I don’t think y’all understand how bad her ass got/The implants that she had put in her ass popped/I was like damn 90 days and you couldn’t have box/Did she at least compensate by giving you mad top/Her name Minaj right she ain’t throw you some mad thots.”

Accusations of Nicki using a ghostwriter also came up, as Remy rhymed, “Niggas done seen Drake penning Wayne penning/And since your first boyfriend left bitch ain’t winning.”

The most savage accusations appear around the 2:53 mark where Remy Ma alleges Nicki slept with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden and Trey Songz, and she implies she may have footage of Nicki snorting cocaine.

"You wanna see a dead body" (little kid from BoyzNdaHood voice) @nickiminaj #Barz #AndBARZonly

As her recent tweet suggests, Remy is already admiring her work and taking note of the public response. Nicki, meanwhile, responded by taking shots at Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "Plata O Plomo" on Instagram:

Take a listen below. 

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