Here's Some Old Footage of Nicki Minaj Acting in High School

Watch out Drake.

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Nicki Minaj can act and it's becoming less and less of a secret, especially after the world saw her impressive major film debut earlier this year in The Other Woman. Today, fans get a glimpse of Nicki's early acting roots via the British TV show, You Saw Them Here First, which tracks how stars got their start. The mini-series takes fans back to Onika's high school days at the Fiorello LaGuardia of Music & Art and Performing Arts where she shows off her on-screen skills during a pretty dramatic scene.

Fresh-faced and in braids, Nicki's performance makes you think about what she could achieve if she solely focus on an acting career. Check out the edited clip of Nicki's performance above and the full episode of the show, which runs for nearly an hour, below.


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