Fetty Wap's Debut Album Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

About damn time.

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Fetty Wap has dominated the charts for the better part of the year, and it doesn't look like he's about to slow down anytime soon. In a new interview with the AP, Fetty officially announced that his debut album will finally be released on September 25, which is just days before the Grammy deadline. "I'm just waiting for it to get mixed and mastered," Fetty said. "My album been done for like two months now."

Fetty has yet to announce the title of the project or reveal the tracklist, but with his run of singles and chart success, there's no question that he's in a position to do numbers. Just yesterday, Fetty revealed that he has more new music with Drake on the way, which could potentially be featured on the project. Read Fetty's full interview with AP here

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