DJ Khaled Hits the Studio to Cook Up Music With Migos, Travis Scott, and... Mariah Carey?

DJ Khaled is up to something, as he recently hit the studio with Migos, Travis Scott, and Mariah Carey.

DJ Khaled is up to something. And from the looks of his Instagram page, it's something big. Though Khaled has yet to officially announce his next album, it looks like things are coming together nicely. In a series of posts over the past few days, Khaled snapped himself in the studio with Migos, Travis Scott, and... Mariah Carey. Yes, you read that right.

It's unclear if Khaled actually had Mariah record with Travis and company but the thought of this collaboration is interesting AF. It's no secret Khaled is the king of bangers and it appears that he indeed has another one on deck. If that wasn't enough, Khaled was also recently in the studio with Chance the Rapper, which is quite the lineup for a weekend studio session. Seeing that Khaled's last project, Major Key, was his first No. 1 album, things are only set to go up from here. And in a big way. You can check out the studio pics below and stay tuned for more details on Khaled's next project in the coming weeks. 

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