Desiigner Teases New Mixtape With a Picture of Him as Prince In 'Purple Rain'

Troll game on 100.

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Ever since Desiigner burst onto the scene with the success of his hit song "Panda," the comparisons to him and Future have run wild. And while Desiigner has said on record that he likes Future's music and that there's room for both of them, he's also feeding into the connections, especially on social media. The latest trolling came today when Desiigner posted a picture of himself photoshoppped over Prince's body in a scene from Purple Rain.

Of course, this immediately draws comparisons to Future's Purple Reign mixtape, which featured almost the exact same kind of promo. Not only that, but Desiigner recently debuted a new song titled "Pluto" during a performance at SXSW, which was of course the title of Future's debut album. To this point, Future has basically ignored the situation publicly, but you have to wonder how long that will last. It's unclear if Desiigner actually plans to use this picture for the rollout of his upcoming mixtape, but you can check out the post below. 

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