"Cray" and "YOLO" Have Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Thanks to Kanye West and Drake, mark this as another win for hip-hop.

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Mark down yet another win for hip-hop. The Oxford English Dictionary announced this week that "Cray" and "YOLO" would be among the new batch of words added to the dictionary, and a majority of the credit goes out to Kanye West and Drake, respectively. Ye' popularized the term "Cray" in his song "N***as In Paris," and it quickly became a cool and trendy thing to say, at least in 2011.

As for "YOLO," there has been some debate as to who actually coined the term, but it's clear Drake undoubtedly was behind the popularization of the acronym "You only live once," thanks in large part to his song "The Motto" with Lil Wayne. Some other words added to the dictionary this year? "SMH," "amazeballs," "neckbeard," and "subtweet," and "douchebaggery." As in, using YOLO and cray in the same sentence heightens your douchebaggery meter.

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