Woman Who Photobombed Beyoncé: 'I Felt Like I Was Hugged by an Angel’

Someone tracked down the woman who was famously shocked to see Beyoncé.


Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur


Remember the woman who accidentally photobombedBeyoncé as she stood shocked in Queen Bey's presence? Well, The Boston Globe tracked her down and got the deets on the encounter.

The woman, whose name we now know is Susan Monaghan, told the site she was in town for her granddaughter's gymnastics competition and birthday. And she just so happened to be staying at Sheraton New York Times Square, where celebs like Beyoncé were getting ready for the Grammy Awards.

She first saw Jay Z but couldn't quite place him. "You look familiar," she recalled telling Jay. "Do I know you?" Hilarious, we know. "I’m thinking in my mind, 'Who is this?' And I looked at him and he looked tall, and thin, and had curly hair, and was really good-looking," continued Monaghan. "And I’m thinking." But the next person she saw required no thinking at all.

"I was like ‘Oh, my God!'" said Monaghan. "I looked at her and all I could think was, 'No one is going to believe me. No one is going to believe me.'" And of course, Beyoncé gave her the most reassuring answer: "Don’t worry, it’s going to be OK."

"I swear," said Monoghan. "I felt like I was hugged by an angel."

When Monaghan went to tell her family about the encounter, they didn't believe her. That is until they saw the viral post on Beyoncé's own Instagram account the next day.

"I think she posted it for me," said Monaghan. "So people would believe me."

The photo, which is a part of a slideshow, has since gained over four and a half million likes on Instagram. It sounds like Bey was right: everything turned out to be OK after all. 

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