Quavo on ‘Culture III,’ Making 56 Songs With Drake, and Migos’ New Music With Mtn Dew

Quavo sat down to discuss his plans for ‘Culture III,’ how Migos recorded songs 56 with Drake on tour, and his new collaboration with Mtn Dew.

quavo getty prince williams

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quavo getty prince williams

Quavo says he’s “ready to work at all times.”

His debut solo album, QUAVO HUNCHOwent gold in early January, but Quavo isn’t satisfied: His new year mantra is to “go back to the drawing board and just make a platinum one.” Before any more of his solo music drops, though, he says Migos’ Culture III is on the way (although he reveals to Complex that he was “capping” when he told the Associated Press it would arrive at the beginning of the year).

Touring with Drake in 2018, Quavo and the rest of the Migos made time to continue working while on the road. Asked if they took advantage of the opportunity to record with Drake on tour, Quavo responds, “Hell yeah! We did 56 show dates. Every day, we made a song. So that’s 56 songs.” Discussing his relationship with Drake, he adds, “He just my dog man, that’s just my dog. Any time we see him, we make magical moments.”

In 2019, Quavo says he’s ready to start fresh, and the journey begins with the incoming release of a new Migos song called “Position to Win” for Mtn Dew’s “Do the Dew” campaign. The ad spot is dubbed “Let’s Do,” and it’s a rallying cry for the unmotivated couch-dwellers who aspire to achieve more. From working with Kanye West on Yandhi to collaborating with the viral rapper Blueface, Quavo has established himself as one of rap’s hardest-working artists, so he’s a natural fit for the campaign’s message. The commercial, which debuts Thursday, also stars Takeoff and Offset, as well as former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm, skateboarding elites Sean Malto and Mariah Duran, artist Ushio Shinohara, and NBA All-Star Center Joel Embiid.

Complex spoke with Quavo about the new song with Mtn Dew, his plans for 2019, collaborating with Drake, and the future of Migos. The interview, lightly edited and condensed for clarity, is below.

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Tell us about “Position to Win.” What’s the story behind the song?

“Position to Win” is just a motivational, feel-good record. It’s a highly energetic record, a chant, a song for you to be ready to go out to battle and fight. Fight for what’s right, fight for nothing but positive energy. No negative energy. Ready to step it up, go hard and don’t quit, you know what I’m saying? It automatically puts you in a position to win once you step it up. If you wake up every day trying to step it up, and go hard and don’t quit, it automatically puts you in a position to win. So that’s what that song is about. It also gives you the message to just do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, just like Mtn Dew says. You got to do it.

You did voice-over work for the commercial, too. Have you thought about doing more stuff like that? Or more acting?

Hell yeah. I can’t wait to do it.

This campaign puts focus on tearing ourselves away from our screens and doing what we need to do. How often do you realize that you need to put the phone down?

Don’t just watch it, do it! Put the phone down and do it. Got to put the phone down and do it.

Any time we see [DRAKE], we make magical moments.

Quavo Huncho was your first solo project. What was the biggest thing you learned from the experience?

I did a great job, it went gold. Go back to the drawing board and just make a platinum one.

What’s your favorite song on QUAVO HUNCHO? Why?

“Just Give it to Em,” because the lovely Saweetie is on it, and I love her.

What’s coming in the near future for Migos?

Culture III.

You told the Associated Pressthat Culture III was coming at the beginning of this year. What can fans expect from Culture III?

Whoever I told that to, tell them I was capping.

Did Migos and Drake record anything when you were on tour? Would you ever think about doing a project with him?

Hell yeah! We did 56 show dates. Every day, we made a song. So that’s 56 songs.

What was your favorite moment on the tour with Drake?

He just my dog man, that’s just my dog. Any time we see him, we make magical moments.

Did you help out on Offset’s solo album at all? What can we expect from that project?

Offset’s solo, you heard it right?

Not yet.

Exactly. He needs these interviews and outlets, so y’all hit him up and get the good interview from him.

What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

Just good music, more good music out. Migos everywhere once again. Having a great hell of a year. And just staying blessed, good, positive, and ready to work at all times.

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