Young Thug at the Computer Might Be 2018's Best Meme Yet

Young "SEX" Thug and Lil Durk have been memed into immortal glory thanks to a highly frame-able photo of them staring at a computer screen. Maybe they were photographed listening to new Thugger x Uzi tracks?

young thug

Image via Getty/Paras Griffin

young thug

Young Thug, an icon living, is at the center of a new meme that's practically limitless in its ability to provide humorous commentary on many of life's most relatable quandaries.

The original photo, as your eyes have already told you, shows Thugger Sex and Lil Durk presumably deep in the creative process. A computer screen before them, they both give seemingly innocuous stares. Quickly after being shared, however, the highly frame-able photo started taking on a life all its own.

But what exactly were the rapper's intensely staring at?

"Pro Tools," Lil Durk told The Fader, which confirmed the two were tracking vocals at the time the photo was taken.

"Since I don't record him as much, he finds it easier to make arrangement changes himself than to try to explain it all to an engineer he's less familiar with," Alex Tumay, Thug's go-to engineer told the publication. "So I'm sure he was actually moving vocals around and getting the timing right/arrangement right. He's also gotten pretty proficient with volume automation."

Another photo that appears to have been taken during the same studio session, posted to Durk's Instagram last week, is also begging to be memed into similar immortal glory:

Since dropping his Hear No Evil EP back in April, Thugger has been fairly low-key aside from a run of guest appearances, including the Future-curated soundtrack to Director X's Superfly revival. Thugger and fellow icon living Lil Uzi Vert, however, appear to be gearing up for some sort of collaborative release in the near future.

As of May of this year, Uzi estimated—perhaps in jest, perhaps in all seriousness—that he and Thugger had approximately 1,500 songs in the bag. "I'll make it come out probably soon," he told someone who makes money by stalking celebrities. "Sometime this year."

In the meantime, we can hold out hope for some sort of formal Thugger-182 announcement. We can also scroll through some memes below.

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