Why We're Glad Tyler, the Creator Is Back on Twitter

Tyler, the Creator's Twitter briefly disappeared this week. Thankfully, it's back now. We take a look at what Tyler's tweets have taught us about life.

Twitter isn't always the most positive place to spend one's time. For every joyous meme or non sequitur or inspiring social movement, there's also plenty of egg accounts telling you to kill yourself. So when a Twitter master like Tyler, the Creator mysteriously deactivates his account, the disappearance is definitely noticed. Tyler did exactly that earlier this week.

Just one day later, Tyler's account (thankfully) reappeared. Though he hasn't tweeted since the reactivation (or, for that matter, in quite some time), we're just glad he's back. In that spirit, we've put together a curated selection of some of our favorite Tyler x Twitter moments. From inspirational slices of advice, to hilarious fake Rolling Stone covers, one thing's for sure: Twitter wouldn't be the same without Tyler. He's taught us so much.

For example, do you ever feel like you just might be an extraterrestrial being? Don't sweat it, Tyler says:

In fact, don't sweat a goddamn thing. Life is too good for that nonsense:

Just be sure not to waste that life on ego, phones, boxes, and/or pants-takers:

Life is also really fucking short, so maybe follow Tyler's lead by keeping that in perspective at all times:

And when the bummer of old age finally strikes, be prepared. Have a solid plan in place to, say, try meth and drive to beautiful Santa Cruz with the companionship of six iguanas:

In the meantime, there's no shame in mourning bacon or questioning your parents' taste in music:

There's also joy to be found in life from questioning fellow artists' affinity for mustard, crowdsourcing Tim Burton's contact info, and just generally fucking with the tabloids:

But above all else, be generous with the knowledge you acquire along the way:

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