Tyler, the Creator Had the Most Chill Response to Getting Hacked on Instagram

Tyler, the Creator's Instagram feed took an interesting turn Wednesday night.

To fully achieve a state of zen, one must be at peace with potential catastrophes like getting your Instagram hacked in the name of promo. Tyler, the Creator experience this firsthand Wednesday night, informing his nearly four million Twitter followers in a series of tweets "lowkey insta got hacked" and that everyone should probably refrain from interacting with the account's direct messages.

"Trash," Tyler said in his since-deleted tweets, Faderreported. "so dont reply to no dms or nuthing. haha i don't post for 7 months and then this happens. but deadass dont know how to get back in there and dont care as much as i wouldve like a while back so yeah it'll figure itself out [sic]."

The Instagram account was hacked and filled with follow requests for a number of accounts not connected with the Tylerverse. "Get this to 20k . . . and I'll give Tyler the account back," one post promised, prompting the following succinct response from a fan:

How about I beat ya ass

The hack comes on the heels of Tyler releasing a pair of new tracks, "Who Dat Boy" featuring ASAP Rocky and "911/Mr. Lonely" featuring Frank Ocean.

In case you missed it because you hate yourself and intentionally refrain from enjoying good things, watch the "Who Dat Boy" video below.

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