T.I. on Kanye West's Trump Meeting: 'What the F*ck You Doing, Man?'

T.I. breaks down the problem with celebrities like Kanye West and Steve Harvey giving Donald Trump the time of day.

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Though weeks have passed since Kanye West's perplexing Trump comments and his equally perplexing meeting at Fascism HQ USA, we are no closer to understanding why. West's meeting, which was accompanied by a photo op in the lobby of Trump Tower, was soon followed by Twitter drag-inducing appearances from Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey. But WHY?!?!? In a series of Instagram clips posted on Monday, T.I. made it clear that fans should not trust the intentions behind these so-called meetings.

"There's a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of, okay?" T.I. said, as spotted byUproxx. "So do not accept any invitation to have any meeting." No matter what one perceives the outcome of these meetings to be, T.I. explained, there's much more to these invitations than meets the eye. 

"You being there, being seen with them, taking pictures and smiling and being positive may seem positive to you," T.I. explained, "but there's a hidden agenda, man. And you might not know it. But now you have been warned. Do not go in there unless you have a strategy or you're with John Lewis or somebody who can represent us."

West's invitation was simply a ploy to attract young people, T.I. suggested. "He's their representative," he said. "They listen to his music. They buy his shoes. They go see him in concert." Harvey's meeting, meanwhile, had a different aim. "You got black women, they were against it," T.I. said. "Well, who speaks to the black women? Steve Harvey! Let's get him in here. He'll take a picture. He'll smile. They'll fall right in line."

For his last clip, T.I. saved his biggest frustration for one final West question: "Kanye, what the fuck you doing, man?"

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