Swizz Beatz Cut a Kanye and Bono Collab From His New Album

It's not clear if this is the same Kanye West and Bono track that Swizz Beatz has been teasing since at least 2011. At any rate, Swizz has four more albums lined up and may throw the song on one of them.

One-time tour mates Kanye West and Bono have a collab with Swizz Beatz in the bag, but don't expect to hear it on Swizz's upcoming album Poison.

The 10-track album, as detailed to Pitchfork Monday, is out this summer and boasts features from Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, Pusha-T, and many more. As for that mysterious Kanye and Bono cut, Swiss hasn't scrapped it entirely. In fact, he suggested it was one of the songs he set aside for sounding too much like a hit.


"It might be on my next record, but this particular record I wanted to occupy the ground floor, which I came from, polish that, and then let people come with me to the middle of the building or the penthouse or the roof, and then just start everything over again," he said. It's unclear if the Ye x Bono collab was recorded before West was photographed rocking a goddamn MAGA cult hat. However, there's a good chance this is the same song Swizz has been teasing as far back as 2011.

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A Bruno Mars-featuring song has also been temporarily shelved, though both tracks stand a chance at appearing on one of the four quick follow-up projects Swizz has planned post-Poison. Get the full rundown here.

Prior to the Trump fuckery, Bono and his fellow U2 members repeatedly praised West in the press. "Music has become wallpaper, a commodity, something going on in the background," the Edge told the Guardian in 2014. "That's why I love Kanye West because he's like, 'Take this!' I'm with him. Let's not make it comfortable."

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