Snoop Dogg Says He’s 'Giving Up Smoke'

Snoop received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his cannabis influence back in 2020.

snoop dogg on kimmel's show
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snoop dogg on kimmel's show

Snoop Dogg is "giving up smoke."

In a brief statement issued via social media on Thursday, Snoop told fans he had arrived at this decision "after much consideration and conversation with my family."

Additional context wasn't immediately provided.

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In 2020, Snoop was honored with the Clio Cannabis Awards' Lifetime Achievement distinction for his longtime association with, and undeniable impact on, the wide world of cannabis. As noted at the time of that award's unveiling, Snoop's business contributions to cannabis include the Merry Jane brand and his Leafs by Snoop line, not to mention his and Ted Chung's Casa Verde firm.

Stories about smoking with Snoop have become a frequent source of headlines over the years, including this October's extensive coverage of Ed Sheeran's eyesight-altering experience with a blunt. Per Sheeran, this particular smoke session included Snoop, Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe, and himself.

Snoop’s fondness for weed has also been the subject of some swiftly corrected speculation when it comes to daily intake, with the topic still getting play as recently as this September.

During a 360 with Speedy interview back in 2021, Snoop was asked to try putting a number to the total amount of joints and blunts he's enjoyed. According to Snoop’s estimate, he had likely smoked more than 650,000 joints and 420,000 blunts at that point in his life.

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