Ray J Says His Beanie 'Went Somewhere Other People and Other Hats Just Never Went'

Yes, we are indeed still talking about Ray J's traveling beanie. The viral moment and continued memeification has now been flipped into Ray J selling official beanies, something he discussed at length on the new 'Breakfast Club.'

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Presumably, the original plan was to simply have Ray J's traveling beanie plopped down in front of a mic for an hour-long silent performance art piece on Thursday's Breakfast Club. Alas, that didn't happen. Instead, Ray J joined his beanie—bringing Princess Love and daughter Melody—for a 43-minute discussion on that clip you may have heard a thing or three about. In the clip in question—due to shoddy editing and/or a lack of care for continuity—Ray J's beanie was seen changing positions approximately a trillion times in less than a minute.

"I didn't think the hat was gonna be this viral," Ray J said near the top of the interview, referencing his decision to start selling official Ray J beanies in the wake of that viral Love and Hip Hop moment. "The hat went somewhere other people and other hats just never went."

The beanie featured in the since-memed clip actually came from Ray J's mother's garage. On that particular day of shooting, Ray J explained, he was feeling "insecure" about his hair and decided to wear it. "I felt insecure that day," Ray J said Thursday. "Things was happening and Safaree was not telling me what I needed to know, so it took a minute [to shoot the scene]." Moving the beanie around, he added, is also a great way to "massage your mind."


Throughout the entire Breakfast Club interview, of course, Ray J stayed on-brand by continuing to constantly adjust his beanie. See for yourself via the video up top.

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