Ray J Says Diddy Needs 'Public Whipping' After Cassie Assault Video: '1,000 Lashes'

Ray J said these hypothetical lashes should be given by someone Shannon Sharpe's size. "My arm hurts," he added.

Ray J speaking on stage in a black hoodie; Diddy wearing a stylish jacket and sunglasses outdoors at night
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Ray J speaking on stage in a black hoodie; Diddy wearing a stylish jacket and sunglasses outdoors at night

Ray J says Diddy should receive "a public whipping" after the Bad Boy Records founder was seen in recently released surveillance footage physically assaulting Cassie.

In his recent, nearly three-hour conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Ray J, who also spoke about the 2016 surveillance video in a separate interview with Jason Lee this week, spoke about forgiveness and pushed back against social media comments comparing the footage to inherently performative reality TV moments.

"I can forgive from afar but, like, I’m not saying what’s up to Puff like that ever again," he said around two hours and 38 minutes into the interview, available in full below. "It’s not cool like that, so shouldn’t it be like that with every other n***a that has even remotely played around with that kind of situation and been involved with even the smallest amount, right?"

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From there, Ray J likened those aforementioned social media arguments to "BB shots from 10 miles away," noting what should be obvious by stating that "television stuff" is quite simply not the same as real life.

"That’s not that," Ray J said. "That’s something else. Bare knuckles. The homie need a public whipping. That’s the only way it’s gon’ be right, with a public whipping."

From Ray J’s perspective, "100 lashes for the first half" would suffice, though he upped that number considerably when Sharpe asked if Diddy’s public life "as we know it" is now finished.

"1,000 lashes from everybody that you’ve slained and hurt. 1,000 lashes publicly," he said. "1,000, that would help. 1,000 lashes made by you, somebody your size that’s gon' give it to him. Not my size. My arm hurts. Your size, n***a ain’t gon make it past nine."

These remarks are in line with those of Voletta Wallace, mother to the late Notorious B.I.G., who told Rolling Stone in May that she wants to "slap the daylights out of" Diddy. 50 Cent, a frequent commentator on Diddy’s ongoing legal issues, later echoed that sentiment, telling fans he wants to "slap the shit out of him too."

After CNN shared the hotel surveillance video, Diddy shared a video statement to Instagram in which he said, in part, "I’m truly sorry."

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