Ninja Says Drake Never Paid Up for That $5,000 'Fortnite' Bet

Ninja responded to some fan tweets over the weekend, alleging that Drake never actually coughed up the $5,000 he lost playing 'Fortnite.' He also confirmed he was hoping for a "meaningful connection" with the 6 God, whatever that means.

Ninja isn't totally sweating the outcome of his link-up with Drake, even if the god of the 6 allegedly never coughed up that $5,000. He is, however, less-than-enthused with how things went down.

In response to some fan tweets over the weekend, the Luminosity-backed streamer said the assessment that he would have rather made "a meaningful connection" with Drake was "on point." As for the $5K Fortnite bet, Ninja added that he doesn't even want the cash:

Earlier this month, Ninja elaborated on his headlines-making Drake connect. During a Fortnite streaming session, Ninja—speaking on that slew of Scorpion merch you may or may not have thrown money at—said Drake only linked with him in an effort to break into another demographic. "Is he gonna buy my next line of Ninja merch?" he asked fans. "Or my Ninja headband? Probably not. I feel like Drake saw that I was up-and-coming in the gaming scene, and he thought it would be a perfect way to just tap into another source of viewers by playing with me."

Later, Ninja called Drake a "genius" and conceded that he's ultimately just a fan. "So yes, I will be buying [the Scorpion jacket]," he said.

Anyway, since Ninja doesn't want that $5,000, and if Drake is still down to pay up, he should feel more than free to just send me a check at his earliest convenience.

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