Nick Cannon Doubles Down on 'Django Unchained' Comparison of Eminem and 50 Cent

Nick spoke with DJ Vlad about his issues, stating "Dr. Seuss can rhyme" and that he doesn't "give a f*ck" about Em.

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Late 2019 saw the breakout of a revived feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon, with 50 Cent ultimately stepping into the mix to state that he had advised Em to refrain from responding. In an interview with DJ Vlad released this week, Cannon elaborated on what went down behind the scenes and reaffirmed his comparison of 50 to Samuel L. Jackson's Stephen character from the Tarantino classic Django Unchained.

"[Em's] team started hitting people," Cannon said. "Everybody knows we really out here in the streets . . . There was a 'We don't want no problems.'" Cannon added that Em is "not going to say anything" before moving on to the topic of 50.

"That's why I posted that picture from Django Unchained," he said. "That's his boss! Eminem's Leonardo DiCaprio and 50's Samuel L. Jackson. That's his squad. '50, I can't say nothing so you go out there and say Nick's song's wack.'"

Cannon joked that 50 "picks fights with every-fucking-body" and said he would match "whatever energy" he wants to bring, though he also expressed respect for his fearlessness. 

Later, Cannon cited Lord Jamar—who's also been critical of Em—and said he can't be afraid of someone due solely to wordplay.

"This is where I rock and lock all the way in with Lord Jamar," he said. "It's like 'Yo, this is y'all god? Y'all gon' allow this dude to walk around and call himself a rap god?' I'm not scared of him because he can put some words together. Like, when I actually hear strong black men say 'I'm scared of him,' the fuck you scared of?"

Cannon continued, mocking Em's height and doubling down on the wordplay assessment.

"Dude is a flimsy 5'6" walking around," he said. "Because he can put some words together, I'm supposed to fear this man? I'm supposed to allow this man to disrespect my wife, the mother of my children? I don't give a fuck about him. Dr. Seuss can rhyme. Like, I'm supposed to be scared?"

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