Kevin Gates Violently Kicked a Female Fan in the Chest During Show in Florida (UPDATED)

The woman claims he kicked the wrong person and is reportedly planning to sue Gates. Also, there is no such thing as the "right" person to kick.

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UPDATE 9/1/15: According to ABC Action News in Lakeland, FL, Gates was charged with simple battery:

BREAKING: LPD charges @iamkevingates with simple battery after he allegedly kicked a woman at a performance in Lakeland.

The Lakeland Police Department are also trying to question him, but haven't been able to reach him:

Kevin Gates got $30k to perform at Rumors in Lakeland. Left with a battery charge. LPD attempted to interview him, without any luck.

In any case, he will have to answer to the charges in Polk County very soon. We'll update this story as it develops.

UPDATE 9/1/15: According to TMZ, police in Florida are investigating this incident, and Gates is likely going to be charged for kicking the female fan during the show. It's not known what exactly Gates will be charged with, but the charges are expected to be handed down sooner than later. 

This year alone, Kevin Gates has tested the limits of sexual interaction between cousins, kicked a woman out of his house for refusing to do bizarre favors for his dog, and attempted a low-key flex in a 'gram of his deceased grandmother. With a little more than four months left in 2015, Gates is clearly dedicating himself to making as many awful decisions as he possibly can before the gauntlet of 2016 is tossed.

During a recent appearance at Club Rumors in Lakeland, Florida, Gates reportedly responded to the gentle admiration of a female fan by violently kicking her in the chest. Though Gates' camp has not issued a statement on the incident, the video most certainly speaks for itself:

The woman is reportedly planning to sue, claiming Gates kicked the wrong woman. For the record, there is simply no such thing as the "right" person to kick:

Though Gates hasn't officially responded to the incident or its impending lawsuit, he did share the following bit of misguided wisdom:


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