Frank Ocean Pops Up on His Brother's Instagram, Appears to Be Alive

Boys do cry.

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Frank Ocean is indeed alive, at least according to a recent photo shared by his brother. The pic, shared on Twitter and Instagram late Friday, shows Ryan Breaux and the elusive Ocean wearing semi-matching outfits alongside a caption claiming the coordination wasn't planned.

Simple enough. Surely the comments were mild-mannered and topical, like complimenting the Yeezys or Ocean's watch? If you've ever in your life used the internet, you know that is most certainly not how these things go. Though the Twitter mentions were pretty reasonable boring, the 'gram practically exploded into album delay complaints and passionately expressed shock at the fact that, yes, Frank Ocean is alive:

No chill.

As for all those new album inquiries, everyone should probably just pause that nonsense because that's not how the answers are going to be delivered:

But, Frank, on the real: Where's that album?

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