Facebook Says They Suspended Lil B's Account for 'Hate Speech'

Lil B had a slightly different explanation.

Facebook has temporarily suspended Lil B for "violating the site's hate speech policies." A representative for Facebook confirmed the 30-day suspension to Motherboard Tuesday, adding that the offending posts had already been deleted.

Monday, Lil B tweeted that Facebook had banned him for "talking about white people."

Currently, the most recent text post on Lil B's Facebook page reads, "Do the white nationalist or the kkk or Neo nazis really hate me? I don't [believe] it and I love them! I'm serious I love all humans!" The post is dated Oct. 4. In recent days, Lil B has been Facebooking/tweeting similar thoughts about his belief that "love" can conquer racism. In another post dated Oct. 4, for example, Lil B offered hugs to "the most racist bigoted white nationalist or hater of blacks" so they can feel "real love."

The nature of the posts that resulted in Facebook stepping in with a 30-day suspension is unclear. Motherboard said they had not seen the posts, and screenshots were not immediately available. Due to its privacy policy, Facebook does not reveal the exact content of such posts following suspension.

Reps for Facebook did not immediately respond to Complex's request for additional comment.

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