Eminem Is Probably Featured on Boogie’s Shady Records Debut

Boogie has apparently secured an Em feature for his Shady debut.


Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur


Sometimes the best way to announce an announcement-worthy thing is to tweet about it, delete said tweet, then let the screenshots do the talking.

That appears to be the approach of Shady Records signee Boogie, who recently executed this maneuver to tease an Eminem feature on his upcoming label debut. According to Boogie, his album boasts a "confirmed" feature from the Shady co-founder that may or may not have originally stemmed from sessions meant for the Bodied original soundtrack.

The (by now deleted ) tweet from @WS_Boogie has made rounds for a couple of hours. I am really looking forward to it, no matter if it's a Bodied OST leftover (guessing "Freak") or not. I didn't count on the Bodied Soundtrack coming anymore, so it's good they use the Music anyway. pic.twitter.com/oxGquK3jhr

— Eminem & Shady News (@ShadyFansite) January 2, 2019

If the track is indeed a Bodied era cut, then it's likely the tentatively titled "Freak," which is also believed to feature Anderson .Paak

The movie itself is currently available to watch via YouTube Premium after riding a wave of glowing critical analysis that began with a warm Toronto International Film Festival reception back in 2017. Speaking with Collider in November about the experience of self-financing the film, director Joseph Kahn—most known for his blockbuster music video work with Taylor Swift, blink-182, Em, and more—gave his assessment of the current cinema landscape and how that affects an atypical story like Bodied.

"I don't mind dealing with the studio system," Kahn, who co-penned the film's story with Alex Larsen, said when asked about the self-financing decision. "I just happen to have made a couple of things in a row where it's impossible to get through the studio system. The way it's changing, people don't even see movies in theaters anymore, and the types of movies they're willing to pay for in a theater have to have some guy that flies around, or something. I just have two people screaming bad words at each other. What's the market for that movie?"

At previous points in the Bodied soundtrack coverage timeline, Dr. Dre was rumored to have some involvement. The collection was originally expected to drop back in November. In the months since, no official word on the status of the soundtrack has been given.

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